Casa Lago Portuguese Water Dogs

All of the Portuguese Water Dogs we own have received their American Championships, with 10 also receiving their Canadian Championships. When the dogs first came to the United States, there were only 25 dogs in the world that we knew of. All the dogs had to be bred to increase the numbers. Today, a breeder has a choice in the animals he decided to breed, and some dogs should not be red for various reasons. Casa Lago would not consider breeding a dog that had not attained at least an AKC Championship.

Our first litter, Mykie/Christopher puppies, was whelped seven years ago, in February 1997. Our next litter was in October of 1999, and we have had one litter a year since. In 2004, we are planning to breed Rosie when she is 24 months of age and passes her health clearances; and Buns’ 2 litters were so nice we’re considering letting her have one more litter sometime in 2004.

We bought Frankie to breed to Neecho when she was of age. It was a hard decision to not breed her. She was from a litter of microthalmic puppies. Although she did not have the condition, we felt it was questionable for the future of the breed to pass on the genes she possibly carried. There were few genetic tests available in those days.

When Vada was two years old and in the midst of her Show Career, we decided to wait until she retired. She loved showing and being a “Star”. Although we bought her with the intention of having Neecho/Vada puppies, when her litter was finally planned, we chose to go elsewhere for the stud dog. Vada has produced two litters of puppies, 13 in all, who are now 3 and 4 years old. We are thrilled that those litters have produced 10 Champions to date and are making their mark on the breed.

Mykie’s only litter of ten, having attained four American Champions and seven Canadian Champions, have gone on to produce outstanding animals with many more achievements and awards to follow.

The above are the dogs that we purchased from other kennels. The dogs that have been whelped at Casa Lago are highlighted elsewhere in this website, and are making their mark on our wonderful breed of Portuguese Water Dogs.


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